Aclea Atelier Workshops

Concerned about the environment in which we work and live, listening to our daily needs and in order to reach a goal of zero waste; Aclea atelier has set up artistic workshops:

Fashion & Decoration, in order to recover - recreate - recycle and personalize unused fashion and decoration items.

Theme: Recovery and customization

Stop throwing away and give a second life to your objects.

Give a unique charm to your furniture, accessories and clothes...

Create the unique piece that reflects your personality.

Fully express your creative potential through various artistic techniques.

At your home, in a group or individually, Aclea Atelier supports you in the realization of your project with "À la carte Workshops" open to all.

The workshops are held in French and/or English. Possibility of workshops in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Special offers for companies.


For more information please contact us on:

For Germany +49 (0) 1522 2600129

For France +33 (0) 781733892   

Or send us an E-mail at: