Presentation of the Atelier

Difference. Ecology. Freedom. Creation. Multi-cultural. Nature. Fabric. Positivity. Loyalty. 

Aclea Atelier is the Atelier  of Aurole, an Afro-European artist who has mastered the art of combining the best of African and European cultures in her creations.

 Aclea Atelier is also the brand name of her products, which, although custom-made, are easily recognizable by their originality, comfort and multifunctionality. All the materials used are carefully chosen for their beauty or robustness: silk, wool, mohair, super wax, organza, lace, raffia, wood, malachite, cowries, kenté, bazin and leather and various traditional fabrics.

On the ecological aspect, my motto is 'no material is wasted', every single piece of fabric is used to make a creation just for you, which can be a small purse, keychain or even a table cloth as my inspiration leads.

 On site in her workshop and online on social networks, Aurole  presents each year new models straight from her imagination:

- Clothes and accessories for everyday and special occasions.

- Decorative objects

- Household linen

 The designer puts all her knowledge and ingenuity at your disposal. Do not hesitate to share your projects with her. After having chosen the model and agreed together on the adaptations to be made, the product is hand-made especially for you. It is advisable to allow a certain time for manufacturing and for the clothes, several fitting sessions.

 In order to meet urgent requests, models and small series parts available in stock are on sale in the online shop. However, for dresses, it is advisable to have a fitting in the workshop.

 For Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts, Aurole shares its best tips for giving new life to used clothing, accessories and decorative objects. 

All products are designed & made by the designer Aurole in the Aclea Atelier in Kaarst, Germany.

Our Aim

  • To show how we can create beautiful creations with fabric
  • To show how we can mix several fabrics together and create a unique design
  • To travel with different fabrics
  • To show different cultures of the world, mixed with African fabric
  • To show the wealth of Africa
  • To make women, men, kids feel different
  • To bring colour to the world
  • To teach and share knowledge
  • To have a positive impacts on my customers lives and on people's lives